Major technological advance of Vaccines

1-The ZYCOV-D Vaccine does not use any genetic components of the virus or any virus components. The vaccine uses a new DNA technology using E-coli to develop antibodies against the virus. This technology can be applied to develop dozens of other vaccines without toxicity.

2- The vaccine had amazing results of 91.2 % proven efficacy in the clinical trial.

3- The vaccine had no side effects other than transient muscle pain because it does not contain the virus

4- The vaccine remains stable at a temperature of 25 degrees for 3 months.

5- The vaccine does not require syringes. The vaccine uses an FDA-approved device that replaces syringes.
6- This vaccine can be adapted to the mutations and variants of SARS-COVID that may arrive in the future. The adaptation will be annual.
7- NTPHARM has acquired the rights to the technology of this vaccine.